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COVID Rules for current season

Current COVID Safety Regulations

The following rules will be in effect for league games until further notice.  We will be checking state regulations often and will update these requirements to meet state mandates as applicable:

LOCKER ROOMS AND SHOWERS WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE:  In order to maintain social distancing off the ice, rinks will not be allowing the use of locker rooms to get ready because there is simply not enough room to maintain social distance while dressing. What this means as we return as that you will be arriving to the rink partially dressed, and putting your remaining gear on in an open area such as the lobby or in the arena itself.  So while games are allowed to continue, the use of locker rooms and showers may not be available for some time. What does 'partially dressed' mean? Basically you need to have any undergarments that you would normally wear already on BEFORE you get to the rink.  Any dressing that requires removal of your underwear cannot take place at the rink, so please prepare accordingly before you leave the house.  Similarly - removal of undergarments that would expose your private parts may not be done at the rink.

MASKS MUST BE WORN AT ALL TIMES:  With the state mask mandate still in place, masks must be worn at all times - EVEN WHILE PLAYING.  Referees will be reminding players to keep masks on during the game. If a player refuses, or must be reminded multiple times during the game, the referee will ask them to leave the ice immediately, and will not be permitted to return.   If mask requirements mandated by the state are changed during the course of the season, we will revise accordingly.

NO SPECTATORS WILL BE PERMITTED:  In an effort to keep the number of people congregating to a minimum, spectators will not be permitted in the rinks.  This may change as state restrictions change, but for now, no spectators will be allowed into the buildings.

DISTANCING MUST BE OBSERVED WHEN POSSIBLE:  The six foot distance requirement is no longer in effect, so the roster limits at games have been eliminated. Teams will be allowed to have up to 20 players on their roster, however each team should set responsible limits for how many players attend each game.  Also - players must observe distancing requirements while changing after games as much as possible to respect the health and safety of others.

TIME TO REDRESS AFTER GAMES WILL BE LIMITED:  With space inside the rinks limited, it is not possible to allow teams to remain in the building after games end.  Teams will only have 15 to 20 minutes to change (again, in a common area such as the arena or lobby) and exit the building.  Signage at the rink will direct players on doors to be used for exiting after the game to avoid exposure of the next teams, and MUST be observed. While we all enjoy the social part of recreational sports, this recreating will have to take place outside the building, or at another venue.

Effective for the Summer 2021 session, games will be revert back to Cascade regular format.  Standard Cascade game format will resume in the Summer Session - (3) 20-minute running time periods and Stop time the last 2 minutes of the 3rd for games with a 3-point difference or less.

Handshake lines after games are not permitted. As noted above, there will be limited time for teams to redress after games, so players must return to their spot to dress and exit as soon as possible to allow the next group into the facility.